[[RAWR]][[ i f*cking miss him]] Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness it's poison!

Age: 25
Gender: female
Race: Pacific Islander
Sexuality: Hetero
Seeking: male

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why does love have to have sooo much drama?!?!? (/_o) HighSchool: Aloha Senior High School Music: i love just about anything other than country,.....I HATE COUNTRY!my most favorite band(s)right now would be Flyleaf, The Academy is..., My Chemical Romance and Cute is What We Aim For. so yea, thats wat i like, i also like listing to pop and hip hop and r&b and stuff like that so yea Movies: i love a lot of scary movies and funny movies. my favorite movie right now is Disturbia. it was a good movie, but i missed parts of it by making out with my boyfriend alex! and yea WhatImInto: sk8boarding, longboarding, guys, shopping, guys,....and more GUYS! ooooooo, and going to our place christian church. theres a lot of sk8er and emo and goth kids there its awesome! MyBestFeatures: my hair, my but, my nose, and defintly not my boobs, and i dont no wat else, my personality i guess, i think guys just go out with me for my butt. thats not a good thing but o well! MyDreams: to get out of my house, to become a doctor, to go on american idol and to marrie a pilot!