candis w you only live once live life to the fullest with no regrests ! ! !

Age: 34
Gender: female
Race: Other
Sexuality: Hetero
Seeking: male

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be your self and have fun, your true love is awaiting you on its own time it will happen ! ! ! Movies: i like any movie as long as its a good one like scarey, comedey, and family movies also oh and dont for get kidz movies you get used to theme when you have kids lol. WhatImInto: im into almost anything but i have slowed down alot all i really care about is my family and friends and to settle down with my kids and my man and be a family and get our family started. MyBestFeatures: my best features are my ass,lips and eyes. MyDreams: my dreams are to have a happy life for my family and friends and to get started on my family and make it right this time and make shure my daughter and any other kidz i have has a nice life to the best i can and make shure they have every thing they need and want in life and have a good guy around to help me with my daughter when she needs a dad around even though no one can replace her father. i just want a good life for my family for once and im going to live my life to the fullest to try and make that dream come true.