Cassy B the fear of being lost in this world of haze is almost unbearable without u

Age: 29
Gender: female
Race: Caucasian/White
Sexuality: Bi
Seeking: female

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im me. i dont care about politics or any of that borintg shit. i like to have fun and go to parties. i like atvs and doing whatever sounds like fun at the time. i hate when people tell me what to do or who to hang with. HighSchool: Myrtle Point High School Music: rock, metal, hip hop, r&b metal but i hate country Sports: hockey and street racing Interests: lots of things. atvs ,parties, anything new, goin out to bars and just whatever Movies: anything funny or scary or fucked up BestFeatures: do u really wanna know... Dreams: my dream is to be me, and i do it well